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Philadelphia announces Trail Master Plan

On January 15th, the Philadelphia City Planning Commission heard a presentation from PCPC staff on the draft Trail Master Plan.  This plan, the first ever for Philadelphia, ranks the 75 proposed trail segments that are planned or under development within Philadelphia's jurisdiction.

It's an impressive plan and we tip out hat to the PCPC staff and the Steering Committee who put it together.  They worked with an Advisory Committee (which Circuit members participated in).   Each of the 75 segments were scored according to the following factors: Project Status, Demand, Connectivity, Feasibility and Cost and 28 different criteria.

The result is a list of high, medium and low priority proposed trails that will "shape how the City of Philadelphia demonstrates support for trail projects, through funding, letters of support, involvement on committees and maintenance and operating agreements."  

Philadelphia has 7 miles of trail under construction with an additional 8.5 miles in design and 13.2 miles in the planning and feasibility stage.

The Master Plan was recommended by Philadelphia2035.  The final plan will have a page for every trail segment and will be presented again to the PCPC for final adoption by March or April 2013.

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