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Big Trails Announcement Happening Thursday

The picture of bicycling in the Greater Philadelphia Region is going to look much shinier by the end of the day tomorrow. Why is that, you ask?

There is a big, Dreadnought-class press conference steaming up the Schuylkill River tomorrow at 2:00 PM (it's our understanding that press conferences share a classification system with naval warships).

The specifics of the press conference are embargoed until 2:00 pm tomorrow (that's a fun word, 'embargo'). But we can say that there is a special project we've been building in the Bicycle Coalition dry dock over the past 8 months. Tomorrow, we'll break bottles against its hull, kick out the wooden fastenings, and slide it into the water.

If you like press conferences, or like hearing Mayor Nutter and Mayor Redd of Camden talk, come down to the Schuylkill River Trail below the Walnut Street Bridge at 2:00 pm tomorrow!

The above is reprinted from the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia's blog.

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