There are thousands of types of mushrooms in this world. Some of them are safe and good for daily consumption. However, there is another type of mushroom that is poisonous and dangerous if consumed. One of them is a magic mushroom which is again known as a cow dung mushroom.

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This mushroom is not to be eaten daily, but as a trigger for hallucinations. Some people deliberately consume it illegally for a moment’s pleasure. However, do you really know what magic mushrooms are and their effects on the body? Just consider the complete information below to find out.

What are magic mushrooms?

Magic mushroom is the name for approximately 75 species of wild mushrooms that contain a natural chemical called psilocybin. These fungi usually grow in livestock manure such as cows and buffaloes. The substance of psilocybin is what you are looking for because it can cause certain intense sensations, depending on the psychological condition of the person who takes it.

The reason is, psilocybin will directly attack the cells and systems of your brain. As a result, oxygen is inhibited from entering the brain. This makes the brain work slower. So, you will feel the effects that are not normal after consuming it.

These mushrooms are usually dried or eaten raw. The user again can mix it in eggs, cooking, tea, or other drinks. There is another dealer who processes this “magic” mushroom into a powder so that it can be sucked up through the nose.

Magic mushrooms are classified as narcotics

In Indonesia, the circulation and use of cow dung mushrooms is a crime. Because of the substances and effects they cause, the government categorizes magic mushrooms as a class one drug. This prohibition is stated in the Narcotics Law No. 35 of 2009.

The effect of eating magic mushrooms

After eating these mushrooms, you may feel the effects in about 20 to 30 minutes. This depends on the different psilosibin content in per mushroom harvested. Here are some things that might happen after the effects are felt.

Magic mushroom effects on mind and consciousness

The emotions that flared up. It can be excessive happiness, excessive sadness, or excessive anger
Cannot distinguish fantasy from real
Panic attack
Disoriented or absent-minded
Fear or paranoia
Feeling that things are very funny or very sad
Magic mushroom effects on the body
Numbness, especially of the face
Blood pressure and heart rate increase
Dry mouth, even to nausea and vomiting
Muscle weakness, twitching, or spasms
The heat was so high that I was shivering and full of sweat
Unable to control when to urinate
The dangers of eating magic mushrooms

There have not been so many studies that studied the dangers of magic mushrooms in the long term. So, it is not yet certain whether this cow dung mushroom can cause addiction. However, magic mushrooms can indeed make you more immune to psilocybin and have to increase the portion again to get the same sensation.

Here are the things that might happen if you often eat magic mushrooms in the long run:

Changes in thought patterns (becoming more chaotic and disorganized)
Decreased brain cognitive function
Delusions and hallucinations
Impulsive behavior (risky and thoughtless)
Drastic and unexpected mood swings
Death due to reckless and dangerous acts, such as suicide

And we must also know that there are still many types of mushrooms that are fit and healthy for consumption, such as cremini mushrooms, oysters, and others.

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