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The Circuit will be connected by dozens of local partners working on local trails. To support your favorite specific trail, support the local partner. Click the partner logo on each trail description to find out more.
The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia supports the work of both local partners and the larger goal of connecting all 750 miles of The Circuit. Becoming a member of the Bicycle Coalition supports the overall goal and also enhances our bicycle trails' connectivitiy by supporting the Coalition's work of making Philadelphia streets safer for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Have you paid your trail toll?

You pay every time you drive on the Turnpike or cross the Ben Franklin Bridge. You pay every time you board a SEPTA train or bus. If you paid a $5 toll every time you rode on a Circuit trail this year, how much good would that do?

Connect the Circuit!

When we Connect the Circuit, Greater Philadelphia will have the best regional trail network in the country. Imagine encountering your friends and neighbors while on a walk or a bicycle ride throughout the Delaware Valley. The Circuit is a transportation system for walking and bicycling that will bring us together. Your gift gets our region closer to Connecting The Circuit.
Support our vision of walking out your door, facing north, south, east, or west, and knowing that you can ride (or walk, or run) all day on trail. Your trail toll gift will support the Bicycle Coalition's work leading The Circuit Coalition's efforts building community support for funding The Circuit, segment by segment.

Are you willing to make a gift of $35, $50 or even $100 to help us Connect The Circuit?

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