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After splitting up with my boyfriend last year it made me realize just how much I needed to lose weight.

I had been trying on and off for the past few years but never really getting anywhere.

Now that I was single and alone I decided that I was going to do whatever it took to get in shape and lose weight.

I didn’t want to be fat and alone anymore.

I used to be a social person somehow I had become someone who would much rather stay at home and eat than go out and have fun.

I was always tired and I felt like a shadow of my former self.

Yeah it sucked that we had split up but it really gave me the kick up the butt I needed to try and change.

So I got out my laptop and started researching ways to lose weight.

And that’s when I learned about the 2 Week Diet program and something called PhenQ.

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PhenQ is a fat burning, energy boost and appetite curbing pill and the 2 Week Diet program is a diet and exercise guide.

I read as many reviews that I could find on these products and most of them were positive.

And to be honest it sounded like a good combination because I seriously struggled with low energy and I was always hungry.

So I bought them both with hope that together they would help me lose weight.

A few days later I had 3 bottles of PhenQ and a copy of the 2 Week Diet program loaded up on my laptop.


So I got started with the system.

I immediately felt the effects of PhenQ which gave me lots of energy and I didn’t feel hungry at all after taking it.

And I found that the 2 Week Diet program was very easy to understand and I could definitely see how it would help me lose weight.

So after 15 minutes of taking PhenQ I got started doing the 2 Week Diet program workouts which made me majorly sweaty.

I can’t tell you how good it made me feel to do a good workout.

I just felt on top of the world.

Over the next 2 weeks with the help of PhenQ I followed the 2 week diet program to the letter and it felt so good because I actually lost weight. 🙂

In my first round I lost 11 pounds in just 14 days.

And it made a huge difference in the way I looked and felt.

I still had 2 and a half bottles of the diet pills left and more weight to lose so I restarted from day 1 again.

I ended up doing 4 rounds of the 2 Week Diet program and each time I lost weight..

I lost 11 pounds in round 1.
I lost 9 pounds in round 2.
I lost 7 ½ pounds in round 3.
I lost 5 ½ pounds in round 4.

Which means that I lost just over 33 pounds in 8 weeks thanks to PhenQ and the 2 Week Diet program.

Here’s my 2 Week Diet before and after pictures..


And I really didn’t struggle that much.

Sure it wasn’t always a walk in the park but if I can do it then anyone can.

So I just had to write this post to share my results and hopefully motivate you by showing you what is possible.

The amount of compliments I’ve been getting recently has been overwhelming and it’s good to see that my dedication paid off.

And I’ve become a lot more social and have been having more fun going out with friends.

Maybe I’ll even meet a new man soon. 🙂

It feels so good to feel healthy again and not be tired and cranky all the time.

I honestly think that losing weight was the best thing I ever could have done for myself.

So if you’re looking for a really good weight loss system that works and tells you exactly what to do then just buy the 2 Week Diet program and dedicate yourself to following it and I believe you’ll see life changing results too.

Oh yeah and I really do think that the PhenQ diet pill from here is the perfect supplement to go along with the 2 Week Diet program.

It’ll speed up your results and make life so much easier. 🙂

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