Hi! My name’s Jess and today I’m going to be reviewing the 2 Week Diet program and sharing my results with you!

I purchased the 2WD from www.2WeekDiet.com

Reviews! Since I wrote this review other users of the 2WD have shared their own 2 Week Diet reviews below for you to read!

After splitting up with my boyfriend last year it made me realize how much I needed to lose weight.

I had been trying on and off for the past few years but never really getting anywhere.

Now that I was single I decided that I was going to do whatever it took to get in shape and lose weight.

Yeah it sucked that we had split up but it really gave me the kick up the butt I needed to try and change.

So I got out my laptop and started researching ways to lose weight.

And that’s when I learned about this new product called the 2 Week Diet program.

The website says it will help you lose 8-16lbs in just 2 weeks.

I saw a post by a girl named Sarah who had gotten good results with it..

Pic of post

I spent some time reading as many reviews as I could find and most of them were positive.

And to be honest it sounded like a good product and it’s quite cheap so I decided to purchase and give it a try.

Within minutes I was reading the 2 Week Diet “Launch Handbook” PDF which is basically an introduction to the program.

FREE! Brian Flatt (the creator of the 2WD) has given me permission to share the Launch Handbook with you for FREE here – https://connectthecircuit.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/2-Week-Diet-Launch-Handbook.pdf

The 2WD “Launch Handbook” is kind of like an introduction to the program so you can learn a bit more about it.

After reading through the Launch Handbook I had a good overview of the system and then I read “The Diet Handbook” which explains the diet system including what to eat and when to eat it.

I then read “The Activity Handbook” which explains how to exercise to burn fat fast.

And lastly, I read “The Motivation Handbook” which gives you tips and strategies on how to stay motivated to lose weight and reach your goals.

I can’t tell you how many times in the past I’ve started a workout program or a new diet and lost motivation and ended up quitting halfway through so the motivation guide was a big help.

It only took me a few hours to go through the entire 2 Week Diet program and I found it all easy to understand.

After reading through all of the content I decided to get started.

The program only lasts 2 weeks so I’d know soon enough whether it worked or not.

Dieting: All of the foods required in the 2WD are easily found at your local store. I like that the program tells you exactly what to eat and when. So there’s no guessing.

Exercise: When you’re following the 2 Week Diet program you’ll be exercising 3-4 days per week and the workouts last 20-30 minutes.

The exercise you’ll be doing is moderate. It’s not so intense that it leaves you feeling like a wreck but it’s definitely enough to make you feel like you’ve done a worthwhile workout.

I found that after doing the workouts I felt much better and more alert.

After a good shower I felt on top of the world knowing I was actually doing something that was helping me to lose weight.

Over the next 2 weeks I followed the 2 Week Diet program to the letter and I could actually see the weight coming off.

When you think about it 2 weeks is nothing really so I was shocked to see just how fast I was losing weight.

So here are my results..

My 2 Week Diet Results

Round 1! In my first round I lost 11 pounds in just 14 days.

I’m sure some of it was water weight but still, it made a huge difference in the way I looked and felt.

I wasn’t done yet though as I still had more weight to lose.

Up until now I have done 4 rounds of the 2 Week Diet program and lost weight every time.

Here’s how much weight I lost per round..

  • I lost 11 pounds in round 1.
  • I lost 9 pounds in round 2.
  • I lost 7 ½ pounds in round 3.
  • I lost 5 ½ pounds in round 4.

Which means that I lost just over 33 pounds in 8 weeks thanks to the 2 Week Diet program.

I doubt all of it was fat, some of it was probably water weight but either way I’m thrilled with my results.

Here’s my 2 Week Diet before and after pictures..


Struggles? You might be reading this now feeling a little worried that the 2WD is too intense or wondering if you’ll be able to get through it or not.

Well the truth is that I really didn’t struggle that much at all and I feel confident that everyone reading this will be able to do it.

It’s not super intense and it doesn’t take over your life.

It wasn’t exactly a walk in the park and there’s dieting and exercise to be done but if I can do it then so can you!

Get STARTED! I just had to write this 2 Week Diet review to share my results and hopefully motivate you by showing you what is possible.

This program has done so much for me that I would feel guilty if I didn’t sing it’s praises.

The number of compliments I’ve been getting recently has been overwhelming and it feels good to know that other people are noticing too!

I’ve become a lot more social and have been having more fun going out with friends.

It feels so good to feel healthy again and not be tired and cranky all the time.

I honestly think that losing weight was the best thing I ever could have done for myself.

You’ll be surprised at how fast you fast you lose weight and at how good you start to look and feel.

You’ll have more energy, wake up feeling better, your skin will improve and you’ll look and feel younger too.

So if you’re looking for a really good weight loss program that is simple and easy to follow then give the 2 Week Diet program a try.

It only takes 2 weeks for you to see results and if you’re not happy there’s a 60-day money back guarantee so there’s nothing to lose.

The official website to purchase from is www.2WeekDiet.com

And don’t forget you can read the 2WD Launch Handbook for free here.

Below are some reviews left by other users of the 2WD program!

The 2 Week Diet Reviews

I lost 8lbs!

I just completed my first round of the 2 week diet and in the first 7 days (phase 1) I lost 5lbs and in phase 2 I lost 3lbs so 8lbs total! 

I'm starting a new job next month and I feel like losing weight is bringing me into a whole new and better chapter of my life! 


I am pleased!

I like the 2.W.D system. I think the first phase is better at helping you to lose weight so maybe you could just repeat phase1 and get better results? 

Oh and I lost almost half a stone in 14 days and I'm a busy Mum of 2 toddlers and a teenager. I will do another round soon. It's a good product. 


Me and my Mom both lost weight

I am 15y/o and me and my Mom have been doing the 2 Week diet together. I lost 10 pounds and my mom lost 7 and a half so we are both happyy!! 

I am sick of being the fattest girl in my class so I'm going to lose weight and prove everyone wrong! 

Chelsea and Mom

The 2 Week Diet worked better than expected!

I have a wedding coming up soon and I realized that I had gained waaaaay too much weight this year. 

My new year's resolution was to lose weight but I now find myself in September having gained weight lol. 

Anyway, my friend's wedding is coming up and I needed to lose weight fast. 

I saw the 2 Week Diet had some good testimonials so I gave it a try. 

Round one done and I lost 14lbs but I'm certain some was water weight. But still it's made a huge difference in my appearance. 

My face is a lot thinner and healthier looking and I feel good. 

I can still fit another couple of rounds in before the wedding and now I know the program works I just know that I'll need to do some clothes shopping before the wedding to buy a new dress that fits! 

Sarah C

It works for guys also

I'm a 44 year old man and me and my wife both agreed that I needed to lose some weight. My belly was looking like a keg and my kid jokingly tells people that I'm pregnant. 

I didn't like that I never had the energy to go out with the family and do stuff with them because I was overweight. 

So I needed to lose some weight so I could look back on this time years from now and know that I made an effort for my family. 

My wife found the 2 Week Diet plan and I read through it and decided to do it. 

I also bought some coffee pills to get an energy boost for the workouts. 

The workouts were a challenge for me even though they only last 20 minutes because I haven't exercised since I was in high school and even back then I didn't do much. 

But I got through the workouts for my family and I stuck to the diet and before I knew it the 2 weeks were up and I had lost 17Lbs! 

I didn't tell my daughter that I was doing the 2WD because I didn't want to disappoint her if it didn't work but she said to me the other day "Daddy, have you lost weight?". 

I probably have a good 100Lbs to lose before I can say that I'm "thin" so I have a way to go yet but I feel happy that I'm on the right track and hopefully this time next year I'll be someone my family can feel proud of and I can take them on days out and not feel like I need a lie down every time we walk past a bench! 

I don't know if the 2 Week Diet is the best program for losing weight all I know is that it's working for me so I'm going to stick with it. 



I'm a vegetarian and have been losing weight following the 2 Week Diet so if you're a veggie like me and you want to lose weight then you can follow this system as it's vegetarian friendly.

I lost a few pounds, not as much as I expected. I think I need to exercise harder next time around.


Thrilled with the 2 Week Diet!

I'm a woman who turned 60 earlier this year. Since retiring I've been doing too much sitting and have gained a few pounds.  

They say it's never too late to start looking after your body and I didn't want to go to the gym because I would feel out of place. 

I purchased the 2 Week Diet and I feel like I really got my money's worth. It gives you meal plans and tells you exactly what to do. 

I'm no fitness expert or dietician but I found the system easy to read and understand. 

I've lost almost 5 pounds in 10 days and I'm enjoying following the system. 

I would rate this product very highly and I would absolutely recommend it to a friend. 

Samantha Burns

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What Is The 2 Week Diet Program?

It’s more than just a weight loss book. It’s an entire STEP by STEP system.

The website claims you can lose 8-16lbs in just 2 weeks.

Before I started I was quite skeptical as that sounded unbelievable to me.

But seeing is believing as they say because I discovered that if you stick to the program and follow it exactly you will lose weight.

This program is for men and women who want to lose weight and look better but don’t want to follow a program that takes over their lives!

You’ll be able to follow it and get results even if you have a busy schedule.

What Do You Get?

Here’s what you get when you purchase the 2 Week Diet program..

The Launch Handbook – This PDF gives you a short overview of what the system.

It’s kind of like an introduction to the 2 Week Diet system.

Update! You can now read the 2WD Launch Handbook for free here. (I was given permission to share it.)

The Diet Handbook – This PDF covers the dieting aspect of the 2WD program.

The diet is low carb but there’s more to it than that.

The 2WD diet program is split into 2 phases. Both phases last 7 days.

I found the first phase to be the most effective at helping to burn fat.

It tells you exactly what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it.

This diet is specifically for burning maximum amounts of fat as fast as possible.

Brian does a great job at explaining why the diet works and how to follow it.

Supplements – Brian does cover supplements in the 2 Week Diet program. Some are essential and some are optional.

The essential supplements are cheap and easy to get. Brian discusses them on page 38 of the Launch Handbook which you can read for free here.

The Activity Handbook – This PDF covers how and when to exercise.

The exercises you’ll be doing are proven to be the most effective at burning fat and although the workouts only last 20-30 minutes there is a lot packed in.

They are based on resistance exercise.

There’s a workout for people who like to go to the gym and another workout for people who want to exercise at home.

I did the home workouts.

Even though the workouts are short they feel worthwhile and effective.

As you progress through the 2 Week Diet program and get in better shape you can start to make the workouts even tougher by doing them twice!

The Motivation Handbook – This PDF is full of tips and tricks to get you in the right mindset to lose weight.

It’s going to help you get motivated and stay on the right track so that you can reach your goals and start living the life you deserve.

I think some people will probably skip reading this PDF but I think that would be a mistake.

When it comes to losing weight half of the struggle is staying motivated after the initial honeymoon period so give the Motivation Handbook a read because it will help motivate you to reach your goal and to not give up!

The Entire 2 Week Diet Program – When you combine the diet and exercise and get motivated to lose weight you will be surprised at the results you will see in just 2 weeks.

I know I was.

So that covers the 2WD program is all about.

It’s essentially a step by step system to help you lose weight fast.

And the best part is that it works!

Keeping the weight off: When you’ve got a system like the 2 Week Diet program all you need to do is follow the instructions and you’ll lose weight.

But one of the biggest pitfalls of losing weight is keeping the weight off afterwards.

In the 2WD program you’ll learn about the 3 pound rule.

It’s quite simple..

After you’ve lost weight and reached your goal you weigh yourself every couple of days.

If at any point you have gained 3lbs above your goal weight you then start phase 1 of the 2 Week Diet program which lasts 1 week and that should be enough to get you back to your goal weight again.

By following the 3 pound rule you can make sure that you keep the weight off for the rest of your life!

Should You Buy The 2 Week Diet Program?

If you’re looking for an intense “boot camp like” program to get super fit then the 2WD probably isn’t for you.

But if you want to lose weight fast in and in a healthy way so that you can look and feel better then you should definitely give the 2 Week Diet program a try.

Some of the benefits I’ve noticed since losing weight with the 2WD program are;

  • More energy.
  • I need less sleep and it’s easier to get out of bed in the mornings.
  • Clearer, healthier skin.
  • No more afternoon slumps.
  • More confidence and happiness.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to lose weight and get healthy.

All I did was stick to the system and I got results that have greatly improved my life and the way I feel about myself.

The official website to purchase from is www.2WeekDiet.com

And don’t forget that you can also read the 2WD Launch Handbook for free here if you want to learn a bit more before purchasing.

So good luck and I’m sure that if you stick to the 2 Week Diet program then you will get great results too!

Now GO get started!

P.S: If you have any questions about the 2 Week Diet program then please ask below and I’ll do my best to answer. 🙂

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