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Trail News Wrap Up: 2012 Ribbon Cuttings and Groundbreakings

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There are a number of trails under construction that are going to make an appearance soon.

Trails getting ready for ribbon cuttings in 2012

Connector Bridge -- The installation of railings on the prefabricated truss bridge and approach ramps is underway on the Schuylkill River Parks Connector Bridge project over the CSX tracks between Spruce and Locust Streets.  Work continues on the restoration of the Schuylkill River Park and Schuylkill Banks. The City hopes to have an opening ceremony in October, possibly in conjunction with Schuylkill River Park's Fall Festival. Some delays in the procurement of light fixtures may impact a complete opening of the bridge on that day. SRDC will have more information about the opening ceremony in its August newsletter.

Shawmont to Port Royal Avenue -- Construction of the portion of trail from Port Royal Avenue to Montgomery County line is complete. Work continues on the section from Shawmont to Port Royal along Nixon Street, including paving and completion of a retaining wall along the trail parallel to Nixon Street. Work is expected to be completed in Fall 2012. 

Walnut Street Bridge Gateway - The Walnut Street Bridge project is moving along smoothly. Decorative granite pavers were installed on the south sidewalk and the new pedestrian lights have been erected. Some of the “expressway-like” overhead signs have been replaced with smaller signs that are more in keeping with the scale of the bridge, and the rest will be replaced soon. The south sidewalk is finished, so the contractor has switched traffic patterns and is doing similar work on north sidewalk. When this project is completed in September, vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians should all enjoy a safer, and cheerier, crossing of the river.

Cynwyd Station & Cynwyd Trailhead -- Two projects are nearing completion and there is an October 28th date set for a ribbon cutting for both.  

58th Street Greenway -- The trail is being paved this summer. Trees, lighting, and pedestrian signage will be installed early this fall and a ribbon cutting to follow. Programming to celebrate the greenway is already underway through the Get Active 58th! program. 

Camden Greenway -- Three projects are under construction that will significantly enhance the Camden Greenway: Pearl Street (next to the Ben Franklin Bridge), MLK Boulevard Waterfront Connection, and Pine Street Connector

Tacony Creek - Trail construction of Phase 1 (I & Ramona to Whitaker Avenue) is underway as of July 2012. 

Trails expected to break ground in 2012

Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk

Port Richmond Section of the East Coast Greenway

Penn Street Trail

Realignment of the Delaware Riverfront Trail between Pier 70 and Washington Avenue

Down by the Bank (GRID)

Summer weather and extra daylight mean one thing: time to get outside. And what better place to do it than our own Schuylkill River! While perhaps best known for their bike and running paths, the Schuylkill River and 9,200 acres of Fairmount Park have so much more to offer.  More more in this the June edition of  Grid magazine

Parks & Recreation Begins Striping The Park Drives

After years of planning, the Department of Parks and Recreation has begun striping 10 miles of path along Kelly Drive, MLK Drive and Schuylkill River Park Trail on Schuylkill Banks.

The paths are the busiest in the region, with the Kelly Drive path exceeding one million users a year. The intense multi-use traffic on busy days has resulted in crashes including a few serious ones. The striping will, we hope, remind users to keep right. The work will include traffic control signs where the trail crosses parking areas.

Remember that line striping and signage does not replace trail etiquette and common sense. Keep to the right and pass safely on the left. A bell is an excellent accessory and a polite way to alert other trail users of your approach.  Being civil and mindful of others ensures that everyone has an enjoyable experience on the trail.

This was originallly posted on the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia's blog.