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DVRPC Data Shows Increased Demand for Circuit Trails!

The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) released the first year of data from its permanent bicycle and pedestrian counters that have been placed on 11 trails around Greater Philadelphia. Thanks to generous support from the William Penn Foundation, the permanent counters enable the Commission to collect continuous volume data around The Circuit trails. The five trails with the highest combined bicycle and pedestrian volumes for a one-year period are:

  1. Schuylkill River Trail at Kelly Drive – 663,201
  2. Chester Valley Trail – 240,182
  3. Schuylkill River Trail at Pawlings Road – 208,180
  4. Wissahickon Trail – 208,114
  5. Cynwyd Heritage Trail – 114,619

The data collected by the permanent bicycle and pedestrian counters shows significant use of these regional transportation assets. DVRPC maintains one of the nation’s most widespread bicycle and pedestrian counting programs. The counters combine a passive infrared sensor, which detects body heat, with an inductive loop, which detects the metallic signature of bicycle wheels, to provide a count of pedestrian and cyclists, including their travel direction. This technology paves the way for the introduction in Philadelphia of real-time “bicycle barometers” that simultaneously collect data and encourage bicycle use due to their prominent visibility and digital displays.

Philly Mag Shares Some of the Region’s Best Running Trails, Including Many on the Circuit

With the iconic Broad Street Run just a few weeks away, Philly Mag shared some of the best running trails and parks in the Philadelphia area and beyond, and several Circuit trails made the recommended list! Trails with spectacular views included the Ben Franklin Bridge, Boxers’ Trail, Cobbs Creek Trail, Cynwyd Heritage Trail, Wissahickon Trail, Tyler State Park, Valley Forge Historic National Park, Schuylkill River Trail,  and Cooper River Park. Go to Philly Mag to see the full list of trails and parks to take advantage of while the weather is warming up! 

Upper Valley Green Parking Lot Closed Until September 30

Friends of the Wissahickon (FOW) Urges Park Users to Walk or Bike to Wissahickon Valley Park
FOW will begin work on a two-phase project at the upper parking lot on Valley Green Road in Wissahickon Valley Park this summer. The project will improve water quality in Wissahickon Creek by helping to meet the EPA Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for sedimentation, improve parking conditions, and restore native vegetation. Phase 1 (July 1 to September 30) will involve stabilizing the streambank along the parking lot and Phase 2 (dates to be determined) will involve resurfacing the parking lot itself. Construction dates are determined by the permitting process and weather conditions.
The project will involve stabilizing 350 feet of stream adjacent to the parking area by installing rock steps designed to dissipate high energy storm flows, resurfacing/restriping the parking lot, repairing broken wheel stops, and replacing invasive plant species with natives. This project is being done in partnership with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and the Philadelphia Water Department as part of the Wissahickon Stormwater Mitigation and Sediment Reduction Project, a collaborative effort to reduce erosion and the loss of forest habitat park-wide.
The parking lot will be closed during Phases 1 and 2, beginning on July 1, 2013. Parking will be limited during the week prior to the start of Phase 1, from June 24 to 30. The two parking lots closest to Valley Green Inn will be reserved for patrons with disabilities and families with small children. 
For the safety of all park users, FOW has contracted for additional Park Ranger patrolling during the length of the project and cars parking in non-designated parking areas in Wissahickon Valley Park will be ticketed; emergency vehicles must have access. Park users are urged to bike, walk, or use public transportation to the park, and use alternative parking lots in the Wissahickon, which are shown in the attached park overview graphic. A more detailed map of the park, trails and parking areas can be found on FOW's new Map of Wissahickon Valley Park (available at 
 "This could be a great opportunity for park users to explore areas of the park they don't normally visit," says FOW Executive Director Maura McCarthy.

View Getting to the Wissahickon in a larger map

Upper Valley Green Lot is to the right on Valley Green Rd. The lots closest to the Valley Green Inn will be reserved for people with disabilities and families with small children.

Montgomery County Approves Spending for Trails

In early August, Montgomery County's commissioners approved a $17 Million Open Space budget.  The budget includes $3.836 million to pay for design, construction or acquisition of several county trail projects, including: 

Chester Valley Trail

Wissahickon Trail

Pennypack Trail

Schuylkill River Trail

  • $540K (over 2 years) to build the section from South Pottstown to Route 422
  • $1.67 M to restore the Tow Path &  rebuild the Spillway and install a ped Bridge over the restored Spillway (over two years)