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July Events #onthecircuit

Lots of good stuff happening #onthecircuit in July.  

Thursday Night Movie Series.  Schuylkill Banks is showing a series of movies on Thursday nights at both its Walnut Street and Gray's Ferry Crescent Locations.  All movies start at dusk and last two hours.

July 11 - How to Train Your Dragon (Walnut Street)

July 18 - Men In Black (Gray's Ferry Crescent)

July 25 - Midnight in Paris (Walnut Street)

August 1 - Rocky (Paine's Park)

July 6-28th Schuylkill Banks Kayak Tours - Kayak the Schuylkill River from Walnut St. to the Art Museum dam and back (Saturdays and one Thursday evening)

July 10th-31st Tacony Creek Park Block Parties - Takoony/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership is hosting these block parties every Wednesday from 5:30-7pm.  

July 11-27  Secrets of the Schuylkill Riverboat Tours - (Thursday and Saturday evenings)

July 13th   PHS Green Machine Workshop on Cynwyd Trail

July 17th   Cynwyd Trail Weeding Day

July 20th  Pedals and Paddles.  Schuylkill River Heritage Area is hosting a 4.5 mile bike ride from Pottstown to Douglasville and a kayak ride back on  from 9am-2pm.  $25 per person

July 20th Cynwyd Heritage Trail Workday

July 24th Fairmount Trolley Tour.  Philadelphia Parks Alliance is hosting a tour guided by Bob Thomas tracing the old park trolley route from Wynnefiled to Strawberry Mansion at 5:30pm.

July 31st  Ivy Ridge Public Meeting.  Schuylkill Project is hosting the final public meeting on design options for the Ivy Ridge Trail on at 7pm in Manayunk.

Schuylkill Project Shoots for 2014 Manayunk Bridge Trail Completion (NEWSWORKS)

WHYY NewsWorks provides updates on the Manayunk Bridge and other trail projects happening around Manayunk. The big  news: the current timeline for the Manayunk Bridge has the project being completed middle of 2014.

Read the full story here.

Phila Parks and Rec. To Unveil Concepts for Closing the Most Critical Gap in the SRT

Two years after receiving the funding and lengthy behind-the-scenes negotiations, Phila Parks and Rec. is ready to unveil its current thinking of how to close the Schuylkill River Trails' biggest and most critical gap: the Wissahickon Gateway--the trail segment in between the end of Kelly Drive and Main Street Manayunk.  

The public meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 1st at 6pm at the Gustine Rec. Center.

For several years in the 2000s, the Schuylkill Project led the effort to close this gap and prepared a Wissahickon Gateway plan with possible alignments.  When the Schuylkill Project joined the Complete the Schuylkill River Trail campaign in early 2009,  the gap's profile rose and it was highlighted as the most critical gap in the SRT that was hindering greater usage of the trail past East Falls.  This gap is particularly tricky because of the need to cross the Wissahickon Creek and weave through multiple properties that are in between the creek on one end and the Penncoyd Bridge on the other.  The new attention helped encourage Phila Parks and Recreation to apply for and receive a DCNR planning grant to conduct a preliminary engineering study in late 2009.   In 2010, PPR hired Baker and Associates to conduct the study and they focused on two alignments; one along the riverfront and one along the Ridge Ave/Main St sidewalk.

The study was kicked of in early 2011.  After eighteen months of negotations with the Philadelphia Canoe Club, SEPTA, PECO and the Steinberg family who owns the former MAB paint store, restaurant depot and Mr. Storage, PPR is ready to share with the public their concept of how to align a new bridge and trail and close the gap. 

Below are two renderings provided by Parks and Recreation and two photos of existing conditions.  They represent one trail option under consideration by Parks and Recreation. 

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