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Regional TAP funds three Circuit Trail Projects

On Thursday, June 26th, the board of the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Comission approved the awarding of federal "Transportation Alternatives Program" funding to three Circuit trail segments.  

Here are some more details about what the awards will do for the Circuit.

  1. Neshaminy Greenway (Bucks) ($800,000) -- This project begins at Lenape Lane in Chalfont Borough and continues through New Britain Township, along the Creekside Open Space and into New Britain Borough at the Wilma Quinlan Nature Preserve.  It then connects through the Goldeneye Open Space to the Nesahminy Greenway Trail (NGT) at the Upper State Road in Doylestown.  The section of the NGT to the east will be under construction in 2015. The section to the west is fully funded for design and construction and will also be under construction in 2015.  The trail will be an ADA compliant, 10' wide, paved shared use trail.
  2. Liberty Trail (Montgomery) ($635,000) -- This project will design and construct multiuse trail connections in the Landsdale Borough from the Madison Development to the Stoney Creek Park to help complete the Liberty Trail.  The proposed construction will extend the trail through Lansdale Borough to the neighboring municipalities of Hatfield Township and Upper Gwynedd Township.
  3. Solebury Route 202 Gateway (Bucks) ($980,859) -- The Bucks County Route 202 Cross County Trail begins in Solebury and the Township has completed Engineering and permits for 4 trail segments.  Two have been constructed between the D&L Trail and the intersection of Routes 202-179.  Developer fees will construct the segment from 202-179-Kitchens Lane to 202-Sugan Road.  This grant will buidl the structurally intensive Route 32 segment to creat a completly off-road trail between these destinations. The project includes a road diet, new off-road trail segment, a new pedestrian crossing, and interpretive signage.
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