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Update on Chester Valley Trail in Montco

We have an update on the status of how the Chester Valley Trail will traverse Upper Merion Township in Montgomery County to connect to the Schuylkill River Trail in Norristown.  

First, the two mile stretch along the recently acquired Demonstration Section (also known as Phase 1) is getting closer and closer to being advertised in the next few months.  This stretch will connect Dekalb Street in Bridgeport along the right of way, cross Route 202 at grade to Saulin Boulevard.    A William Penn/DVRPC Regional Trail Fund grant was secured in 2011 to help pay for this project.  

Secondly, the alignment of the Phase 2 segment has changed.  The trail will continue along Saulin Road and then south on Henderson Road to go under the Turnpike and meet up with Hansen Access Road.  It will continue along Hansen Road to meet up with the existing trail at So. Gulph Road.  

The original alignment of the section south of the Turnpike was envisioned by Montgomery County Planning Deparment to use a 1/2 mile easement parallel to the Turnpike, along Hansen Access Road.  After a meeting held between the Bicycle Coalition and the Turnpike Authority on April 19th, we learned that the Turnpike Authority is not legally able to make easements, although it can provide leases.  The Montgomery County Planning office is considering its options with how to put a trail along Hansen Road.  This segment will be paid for using Congestion Mitigation Air Quality funds.

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