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What Makes a Circuit Trail?

Are all trails in the Greater Philadelphia region part of the Circuit?  Not necessarily.  And not all trail segments that are on the Circuit web map are part of the Circuit.  Those trail segments on the web map that are part of the Circuit are indicated so by the Circuit logo when scrolled over.  In order to help clarify what makes a Circuit Trail, the Circuit Coalition steering committee adopted the following criteria. 

Circuit Trail Criteria:
  1. Trail is off-road (with some exceptions)
  2. 10 feet minimum, preferably 12 feet (with some exceptions)
  3. Multi-purpose
  4. Preferably paved (with some exceptions)
  5. Connects to already approved Circuit trails
Anyone interested in nominating a trail or trail segment to become part of the Circuit should follow these steps. 
  1. Submit letter and map addressed to Chris Linn [email protected]
  2. Chris will provide a recommendation for review to Circuit Coalition Steering Committee
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