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Top Reasons to Spend Time Outdoors During Winter

Top Reasons to Spend Time Outdoors During Winter

Below-freezing temperatures are back and it’s easy to get discouraged from stepping outside, let alone exercising outdoors! We looked into the benefits of exercising outdoors and the results are very positive! In addition to health benefits, there are numerous exercise benefits that you may not be aware of. Check out several reasons you should head outdoors #onthecircuit this winter:

1.       Relieve stress

Taking in daily doses of fresh air and sunlight has been proven to dramatically improve moods and relieve stress. Additionally, fewer people are on the Circuit Trails during the winter season which allows for a peaceful and meditative walk, run or ride.

2.       Boost creativity and focus

Studies show that walking outdoors can improve focus and even boost creativity. When you are engaging in physical activity outdoors, you are removed from electronic devices and being forced to problem solve in a different way. Without distractions, your attention span becomes more acute. Although this tip is applicable all-year long, when it’s cold, people are less likely to step away from the computer and enjoy the great outdoors.

3.       Cure the “Winter Blues”

The winter blues, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is believed to be a result of shorter days in the winter with less natural light. The treatment? Spending more time outdoors. Yes, it’s dark and cold outside but it’s important to look at the bright side: engaging in daily exercises can improve your energy levels during the day and help you to sleep more soundly at night.

4.       Chilly weather won’t get you sick

Despite the common misconception, cold weather does not make you sick. Spending time outside actually lowers the chance of catching any viruses you could potentially contract at a gym. Additionally, spending time outdoors and being exposed to the sun gives you Vitamin D which is essential for fighting off all kinds of diseases and illnesses.

5.       Get an even better workout

During winter, runners and bikers are faced with obstacles such as ice, slush or wind which add an extra challenge. Additionally, when the temperature is low, you are more likely to race through your work out and burn more calories which you are already doing due to your body raising its temperature. Cold temps can be used as a motivation to quicken your steps, just be safe out there!

Looking for tips to have a healthy and safe workout this winter? Check out our other blog post here and get out #onthecircuit! 


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