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Show #TrailLove this Valentine’s Day

The Circuit Coalition is made up of 65 non-profit organizations who show #traillove all year long. Our friends help beautify the trails, raise the profiles of trails in their region and advance the completion of a comprehensive, interconnected multi-use trail network in the region. But of course, the Circuit Trails would be nothing without their loyal users!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we caught up with trail advocates to learn why they love riding, walking, biking, rollerblading, ice skating, paddle boarding and cross country skiing #onthecircuit. See what they have to say and show some #traillove this Valentine’s Day!

#1: All of our trails are so beautiful in their own way. From riding along the Delaware River, to passing through Pennypack Park, to crossing the Manayunk Bridge, there are always wonderful sights along the way.

#2: I am a long distance runner use the Circuit Trails as my training grounds for marathons. It’s always very refreshing to get outdoors for my daily exercise routine.

#3: Gyms are often crowded and noisy. I love running on the trails and enjoying the great outdoors while also getting a workout.  

#4: I love to rollerblade and the Schuylkill River Trail is the best trail to ride on. It’s easy to navigate, and I don’t have to worry about skating up any difficult hills!

#5: Getting on the Circuit is good for us on both a personal and a community level. On a personal level, it can improve our health outcomes and make us happier. On a community level, there are environmental, economic and social benefits.

Use this holiday to appreciate not only the ones you love, but also the experiences you love – like getting out on the Circuit Trails. Consider using the suggested social media content below to show your trail love and appreciation!

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Instructions: Show some #traillove by posting a picture of your favorite trail on social media! If available, use the trail name as the location and use the hashtag #onthecircuit and tag us at @circuittrails [Twitter handle] and @TheCircuitTrails [Facebook and Instagram handle].

Facebook: Celebrating this Valentine’s Day #onthecircuit! [Insert trail name] is one of my favorite @TheCircuitTrails.

Twitter: Celebrating this V-day by showing some #traillove #onthecircuit! [Insert trail name] is my favorite @circuittrails.

Instagram: Celebrating this Valentine’s Day by taking a [walk/run/ride/other] on [insert trail name], part of the @thecircuittrails. #valentinesday #traillove #onthecircuit

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